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Ways To Avoid Sending Incorrect Products For Delivery

Ways to Avoid Sending Incorrect Products for Delivery

When you receive a message or a call from your customer informing you that you sent an incorrect order, it’s a terrible thing. You have no choice but to shoulder the cost for replacing the order. It’s not the mistake of the customer, so it’s your responsibility to change it. You even run the risk of losing that customer in the future. Given this mistake that delays the process, it’s easy for that customer to look for other options.

Worse, you might receive a negative review because of the experience. If other people know about it, they will feel turned off too. The point is that you need to avoid sending incorrect products at all cost

Label your products correctly

When you store your products in a storage room at home or a different location, you need to label them appropriately. You also need to group them according to size, colour, or material if possible. If you’re selling products that expire, you need to check if they’re still good to sell; otherwise, you have to throw them away.

Use different storage areas

If you sell different products, you can’t store them in the same place. Group them first according to function or size and keep them in different rooms. It’s easy to pick the order if you know which room to go to. You also don’t have to take time searching for missing items.

Verify the products before packing

You need to have someone rechecking all items before delivery. It adds another layer of security and verification. It ensures that you won’t send an incorrect item. If there seems to be a problem, the person who double-checked the order can request the other departments to recheck it.

Partner with a contract packing company

If you wish to not feel stressed about packing and sending the products, you can partner with a contract packing company. They know what to do. As soon as someone orders items from you, they will get notified. Their staff will be quick in locating the order for packing. Once packed, it’s easy to send the items to the customers so the arrival will be within the period you promised. You can also hold the company accountable for incorrect or delayed orders. Check the details of your partnership before you proceed with the transaction. If you want a reliable packing company, you can check out

Create names for your products

You can come up with fun names for your products so that it’s easy to classify them. Even if you sell similar items, you can think of names to group them by size or colour. You can also have a different section for items on sale. It’s easier to locate and pack these items when you know where to find them based on fun names.

Once you implement these changes, it will be a lot quicker to finish the delivery of the order. You will satisfy the customers and ensure that they will come back next time to order more from you.



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