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Things To Do When You Do Not Have The Same Ideas As Your Suit Tailor

Things to Do When You Do Not Have the Same Ideas as Your Suit Tailor

When you decide to have a customised suit for an event, you are on the right track. You will look amazing in your chosen outfit. You also feel comfortable wearing it because you chose the pattern, fabric and design. The measurements are also perfect for your body.

The first step in creating made to measure suits is to speak with a tailor who will work on your suit. You can discuss what you want first before you move ahead. When you have agreed on all the details, it is time for your tailor to start working on the suit. The problem is that your tailor might not have the same ideas as you do.

Stay calm

You are discussing the details of the suit to improve its appearance. You are not in a competition to decide who has the better design between the two of you. Therefore, you need to stay calm during the discussion and avoid having tense arguments. If you remain calm, but the tailor does not, it might be time to walk out of the door and find another person to work on your suit.

Listen to suggestions

You might have ideas on what you want your suit to look like, but you are discussing with someone who has years of experience in creating suits. You should not pretend like you know everything. Although your decision will prevail, it helps if you listen to suggestions. Your tailor has created several designs over the years, and he knows if your ideas are appropriate given your body type and physical appearance.

Ask questions

If you are unsure if you are doing the right thing, you can ask questions. Tell your tailor that you feel confused with the ideas presented and you want clarity. You also need to understand the reasons behind the suggestions given to you. It might be easy for you to accept what your tailor recommended if you understood the reasons for choosing the said design.

Bring some photos

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to express yourself and what you want to see especially since you do not know fashion lingo. Your tailor might not understand what you really want. The best thing to do is to bring some photos of the designs that you want. You can talk about some changes to the original designs until both of you agree on it.

Learn when to let go

Even if you insist on what looks good on you, it is possible for you to be incorrect. Your tailor might also insist on what he thinks would be perfect for you, but he knows that as a client, you need to have the final say. Mutual respect is essential for this partnership to succeed. If you do not think that there is respect in the conversation and you will face further disagreements down the road, you need to learn how to walk out of the door. You should not allow yourself to continue this partnership if you are both not on the same page.



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