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The Advantages Of A Reversible Micro Power Pack

The Advantages of a Reversible Micro Power Pack

If you are thinking of getting a micro hydraulic power pack, you will be considering three types. It could be a unidirectional unit, an ERA actuator kit, or a reversible unit. For single acting actuator applications, the unidirectional unit is the type to get. The ERA actuator kits are intended for direct mounting. For double acting actuator needs, the reversible micro hydraulic power pack is the most suitable.

This post discusses the third type by exploring the HPR micro pack, a reversible hydraulic power pack. As the name implies, it is the smallest of the hydraulic power packs. Despite its size, it comes with all the necessary and useful features.

Reversible power packs overview

What makes reversible power packs different, as demonstrated by the HPR micro pack, is their design that makes it possible to control a double acting hydraulic cylinder through motor reversing. Their special design features two pilot check valves that support the load. They also have adjustable relief valves on both pressure lines. Moreover, they can be used for the installation of tensioners, slew ring drives, and positioning systems. These are capabilities not found in the two other power packs mentioned earlier.


Because of the way reversible power packs are designed, they provide two main advantages. These are flexibility and a significant reduction of noise.

Micro power packs belonging to the reversible type are notably versatile. In particular, their flexibility shows when operating double acting hydraulic systems that don’t make use of solenoid control valves. They can switch directions with the simple reversal of the motor movement. Because of this, they are highly suitable for compact systems. They are the preferred power packs for personal equipment such as bath lifts, wheelchair lifts, clamping systems, and brakes. Compact systems are not compatible with having more control valves, so a compact apparatus that does not necessitate more components for movement control is a no-brainer choice.

On the other hand, reversible power packs are known to be less noisy. Conspicuously unpleasant and irritating noises coming from the system are avoided. This is attributable to the no-leaks control mechanism on the cylinders. A pair of pilot check valves are responsible for this smooth and noise-free operation. In addition, dual relief valves are employed in directing movements in opposite directions, further minimising the generation of unwanted sounds.

Moreover, the HPR micro pack comes with a couple of pilot suction check valves. This set of components is used for mitigating pressure every time the full-bore cylinder is manipulated to go back into the tank. This is not to say that the HPR micro pack is completely noiseless. However, it is notably quieter compared to other similar systems.

The reversible micro power pack is the preferred option for those who are looking for a hydraulic power pack that is flexible and relatively noise-free. It’s important to emphasise, however, that not all power packs are the same. It’s important to carefully examine the available options or to consult those in the know when it comes to buying such products.


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