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Make Your Countertops Last By Avoiding These Threats

Make Your Countertops Last by Avoiding These Threats

A countertop is a very functional fixture in the kitchen. It can be of granite, marble, quartz or any other stone. But just like anything in the house, they are subject to everyday use and abuse that can affect their quality and functionality. Countertops, when taken care of properly, can last for many years. But everyday wear and tear, coupled with external factors, can shorten their lifespan. If you are looking for some of the best kitchen worktops Ireland offers for your home that will last a long time, you must be able to identify things that can threaten the integrity of your stone countertop. Though some threats are unavoidable, you can reduce them considerably.

Harsh cleaners

It is very easy to get chemical cleaning supplies to clean your countertops, but they are actually harmful to the surface of the counter. A sealer covers the surface that protects the stone from liquids and chemicals as well as scratches and cracks. If the sealer comes off due to chemicals, the stone will absorb the fluids that come in contact with it, making it unsanitary. Without a sealer protecting the stone, it will also shorten its lifespan. Do away with cleaning products that contain bleach, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, and ammonia.

Strong liquids

Besides using cleaners on countertops, we are also guilty of spilling liquids on them. Juices, sodas, soups, even chemicals such as acetone, ink, perfume, and paint can penetrate your countertop surface if you don’t wipe them off right away. If you leave any spill unwiped for a considerable amount of time, expect it to seep into the stone. Always have a rag handy in case of spills.

Knife marks

When chopping anything, always use a chopping board. Some people cut things directly on the countertop. Knife marks can scratch the surface, and any spills can seep into these cracks. Chopping boards do not only protect your counter from knife marks, but it is also sanitary. Countertops, although they may appear clean, can still harbour germs and bacteria that can contaminate food and cause illnesses.

Hot pots and pans

You may think that your stone countertop does not require a mat or rack to put your hot pots and pans on because of its durability. The heat can cause thermal shock and create cracks on the countertop. Dirt from the pots can also come in contact with the stone and create scratches.

Heavy weights

There are times when we sit or stand on our kitchen countertops for a myriad of reasons. Natural stone countertops like granite may succumb to the weight that they are not supposed to carry. The countertop may develop cracks from excessive pressure.

If you are in doubt about what you should do with your stone countertop, you can contact a reputable company that can do the repairs for you. They will know the right products to use that will get rid of stains, cracks and the like and make your countertop clean again and ready for use.


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